LIC Login Procedure

All individuals who hold policies with the Life Insurance Corporation of India are eligible to register for the company’s e-Services for free of cost.

The registration can be done online on the company’s website – Individuals, however, will only be allowed to register for the policies they have purchased in their own name or in the name of their minor children.

Once the children acquire 18 years of age, unique user IDs will have to be created if they wish to continue availing the e-services for the policies taken in their name.

Married couples will not be allowed to register in the same account and will have to register their policies individually. Any individual who has registered on the LIC portal can login to the same using his/her unique user ID and password.

LIC Login for Policyholders:

Any individual who holds a life insurance policy with the is eligible to register for the company’s online services. LIC e-services is the repository services offered by India’s largest insurer. This latest initiative from the company offers several facilities to policyholders who choose to avail these services. Policyholders who avail the e-services from LIC can take advantage of the following online facilities:

  • Claim status
  • Online payment
  • Assignment and nominee status
  • Policy status
  • Revival quotations
  • Proposal and policy images
  • Benefit illustration
  • Complaint registration
  • Loan status
  • Policy conditions and other features
Policyholders who register for the e-services offered by Life Insurance Corporation of India will be able to make inquiries regarding their policies online, thereby saving time and effort which would otherwise be spent on travelling to a branch of the company.
LIC Login by Policy Number:

Any LIC customer who has purchased a policy from the company can login to the portal. The Home Page of can be used to login in if you are a registered user.

In order to register, you will have to fill in a registration form by choosing your user ID and password.

The user name may contain alphanumeric characters and underscores and dots. It has to be between eight and 30 characters long, and all the details beside which there is an asterisk will have to be compulsorily filled in.

 Ensure that a valid email ID is entered so that further correspondence can be smooth.

If you wish to enroll a policy, select ‘Yes’ when the prompt appears in the form of a question – ‘Do you have any LIC policies?’ An online policy enrolment form will appear once you have hit ‘Submit’ after registration.

The policy number will have to be entered in the form along with the name of the Life Assured and the premium payment applicable to the policy. The form can be printed immediately after you have enrolled your policy.

In case you have purchased multiple policies from the Life Insurance Corporation of India, you can add them all to the portal.

After you have successfully registered with your unique user ID and password, you will have to provide the policy number along with the premium amount on the ‘Add Policy’ page.

An email will then be sent to you for confirmation. In case there are any mistakes in the policy details you have submitted, you can change it after receiving the mail. Please note that the policy number will only be between six and nine numbers.

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LIC Login New User:

New users will have to register on the LIC portal if they wish to log in. The procedure to register is as follows:

  • Visit the LIC website (
  • Locate the ‘Online Services’ box on the left hand side of the page and click on ‘Customer Portal’.
  • You will be re-directed to the ‘LIC e-Services’ page where you will have to click on ‘Registration for e-Services’ under the ‘Functionalities Offered’ section.
  • There will be two blocks – one which says ‘Registered User’, and the other that says ‘New User’.
  • Select ‘New User’ and enter the details requested thereafter. The details that must be entered include any one of your LIC policies, the policy number of said policy, the date of birth of the individual as mentioned in the policy document, and the instalment premium. The individual’s Email ID and mobile number must also be provided here before checking the box which says, ‘I confirm that the mobile number mentioned above is registered under my name and is being used by me’.
  • Hit ‘Proceed’ after entering the required information.
  • A User ID and Password must then be selected based on the terms and conditions of the website. This user ID and password will be your login credentials for the LIC portal.
  • A welcome mail will be sent to your registered email ID, confirming your registration for LIC’s e-services.
  • To login to the website, click on ‘LIC’s e-services’ and select ‘Registered User’ before entering your user ID and password.
  • Once you have logged in to the portal, you will be able to access a variety of services such as Basic Services, e-Services, and Premier Services.
LIC Login Procedure FAQ’s
  1. Is there any cost involved for creating an account on the LIC portal?

    Policyholders in LIC have the benefit of availing their e-services. People choosing to accomplish tasks online will be required to create an account and this procedure is completely free of cost.

  2. What are the multiple e-services one can make use of on the online portal?

    LIC e-services are available to only those who visit the portal, create an account, and use it to accomplish insurance tasks. The multiple services offered by this portal are:

    • Online payment
    • Status of loan
    • Status of claims
    • Benefit illustration
    • Beneficiary and assignment status
    • Registration of complaints
    • Renewal quotations
    • Policy terms and conditions
    • Other feature
  1. How do I register myself on the online portal?

    If you are a registered user already, you can simply open the webpage, and log in with your credentials. Otherwise, you will be required to fill a form (the registration form) with new credentials. Your username must have special characters and the password length must be strong. Blank spaces with the asterisk sign must be mandatorily filled before the registration form is submitted.

  2. How do I register for a policy on the portal?

    Immediately after you have submitted the registration form, a pop-up will appear on your screen asking whether you have enrolled a policy with LIC. Choose the option ‘Yes’ to continue with the enrollment. Once this is done, you will be required to enter your policy number along with the life assured’s name and the premium amount.

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